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Troy Michael Stratman
---------- Troy Michael Stratman was a great friend of the community and his family.  He was a 1989 graduate of Clio High School, where he was actively involved in tennis, baseball, and basketball, where he got his nickname of 'Toaster' for making toast out of everyone on the court. He also loved sand volleyball. 

Troy was a humanitarian in every sense, without even making an effort.  This was evident through his love of animals and children, and his high regard for everyone he knew.  Even if he didn't know you, he treated you as his best friend.  For this, Troy was also the center of every party. 

Troy was tragically taken from us in a snowmobile accident in January of 1995.  Since then, his family, friends, and the community have come together to sponsor an annual volleyball tournament held in his name.  It has grown into the largest one-day tournament of its kind in Michigan.  All proceeds raised from the tournament and benefit dinner are donated to the Knights of Columbus, Leader Dogs for the Blind, a $1000 Clio High School scholarship, and Camp Quality for children with leukemia in Traverse City, MI.

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