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Toaster Tourney Rules
Play starts at 8am - Rain or Shine!
1)-- Teams will be divided into divisions
2)-- Each team will play every team in their division
3)-- Teams will play one game to eleven per set
4)-- The teams with the best win/loss record in each division will advance to the playoffs
5)-- If two or more teams in a division have tied records, the team with the most positive points will advance (positive points are total points scored for minus total points scored against)
6)-- A female must touch the ball when any set-up is attempted
7)-- Additional recreational league rules:
a) No setting the serve
b) You may set over the net
c) You may tip over the net
d) No two guys can take the ball over the net
e) Teams must stay in guy/girl rotation (you may switch positions after the serve)
8)-- Alcohol permitted on grounds only - not on courts
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