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The Toaster Tourney
---------- Mission Statement:
The Toaster Tourney was established to honor the memory of our loved one and friend, Troy Michael Stratman.  Our goal is to have a good time while raising funds to benefit many charitable organizations.

Begun in 1995 to honor the memory of a dear friend whom was taken from us in January of that year, the Toaster Tourney has grown to become the largest one-day volleyball tournament in Michigan.  Through our love and devotion, and with the community's donations and support, we have turned a terrible tragedy into something wonderful.  We cannot bring our friend back, but when you see hundreds of volleyball players on the courts, along with generous, caring people giving of themselves because they cared and still do, it keeps Troy alive in all our hearts.

As a father and mother, we can never express how we feel, except to say this has carried us through the darkest of times, and fills our hearts once a year where a big hole was left.  The proceeds help out so many people, and we are all blessed by this gathering - dogs being trained to lead the blind, making life better for children with cancer, plus helping a high school senior further his or her education when otherwise it might not be possible, and of course, the installation of the beautiful Tacoma Memorial Waterfalls in the Clio Park in 2002.

Thank you for your support and God bless!  We hope you can join us at the tournament and benefit dinner.


Shari Stratman
Mother and Toaster Tourney member

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